51st Signal BattalionAlumni Asso.
4129 Fairway Dr.
Granbury, TX  76049
(817) 326-4773

The 51st Signal Battalion is at Ft. Lewis,WA.

We have the largest Signal Corps Bn Alumni Asso. with the Army.

We try to have a reunion each year at an Army base. 

We try to switch our reunions between the West Cost and the East Coast.

The 51st Signal Bn Alumni Asso was originally formed in 1998,

​by Glenn Carpenter and several other Korean War Veterans.

The original main base of members were from the Korean War era.

Due to time and attrition this base has shifted to Korea era vetrans.

The Alumni Asso is open to all vetrans of the 51st Signal Bn 


anyone who wants to show their support of our troops.

Our motto is " We Support Our Troops". 

The 2010 Reunion was at Ft. Lewis 


the 2011 was at Ft. Gordon.

Our Alumni Asso. is sponsored by Col Thomas Pugh, Commander 36th Signal Brigade Ft. Gordon, GA.

We are supported by Ltc Gary Ridenhour, Commander 51st Signal Bn, Ft. Lewis, WA.

The 2011 Reunion was hosted by Ltc Keith Garwold, Commander 63rd Signal Bn, Ft. Gordon, GA.

Over the years the years the 51st Alumni Asso has been host by:

Ltc Jouche Thomas, Commander 51st Signal Bn, Ft. Bragg, NC,

Ltc Mark Elliott, Commander 51st Signal, Ft. Bragg, NC,

Ltc Matthew VanderFeltz, Commander 51st Signal, Ft. Lewis, WA,

Ltc Paul Fredenburg, Commander 51st Signal, Ft. Lewis, WA,

Ltc Peter Tragaski, Commander 67th Signal, Ft. Gordon, GA,

Ltc Gary Ridenhour, Commaner 51st Signal, Ft. Lewis, WA

Ltc Keith Garwold, Commander 63rd Signal, Ft. Gordon, GA.

For more info go to Google and type in 51st Signal Bn,


paste:   www.51stsignalbattalion.com   in you bowser.

51st Signal Battalion Alumni Asso
4129 Fairway Dr.
Granbury, TX 76049
(817) 326-4773
Dues $15.00/yr.

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51st Signal info.:

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51st Signal Bn Alumni coin of Excellence.

One of these coins is presented to each member who attends a Reunion.
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